– –

words image idea streams
experiences expansions
are not

the thing you are
is no thing

only dont know

behold it
there is no becoming
only seeming
and with wide eyes watch
the letting your self
dissolve within

layer after level self after image after feeling

so you can at last wake

uninhabited by the stuff
of separation

  • Clear of noise
    we are immediately aware
    of our nowhereness
  • knowledge is not needed
    save to teach you
    that you must sit
  • in the act of stillness
    observing the self layers fade
    you will arrive at what you are
    and there are no words for this
  • many sages have provided pretty words
    to transmit the nature of this truth in its multitude of expressions
  • yet people choose to return to the past as a new man or woman
    rather than to unpeel beyond this small “this is  the I AM god” shine
  • we are more than we are prepared to admit
    to ourselves,
    that self needs to sit
  • that self resists sitting
    because in the doing it does not continue to exist
  • we exist embodying beliefs
    and becoming identities that are made in every kind of shade of lies
  • the rainbow path is an opting out of this loop
    it is a sitting without end
    a shedding in the togetherness vibration because there never was an isolated essence of the all
  • cast out these patterns of brain waves, these flushes of biochemicals, these thoughts and feelings and all that appears to be owned
  • in owning you are besieged
    a you, who exists, in any way separate from all that is, is a state of being that is a war
    without end
  • in ending you images
    you come to the prebeginning
    where you and
    truth are one
  • that is not to say you die
    it is to say
    you never were
    and never began
  • it is to say all that exists in union
    is unborn
    always at one with all
  • despite that appearances
    can be given the light of your eternal life to seem to be
    but as soon as you draw within
    all that needs your light to exist is all that lives the lie that separation could ever be