The Once-Was (& IS)

The call to what once-was
reverberates the dream
bringing it into what is,
into being.

The lines, flows, lights, fire, aquifers
of perfected place,
of god’s own sacred space-time,
exist here.

There are times when this here is felt
as a distant prayer
but in the now
your energy-intent assembles the rainbow round-spiral sequences
and pulses into the earth grids surges of remembrance
a reawakening of what it is to be
embodied with the limitless potential
of Christ-Sophia, of rod and staff
merged in infinite layers of divine union.

The Celestial Crescendo sounds
The Lyran Crystal Rainbow Round has been initiated

This intimacy with God-Source
as God-embodied is what you call forth
in each movement within the higher heartspace
and sitting in the stillness of meditation
the Diamond Sun
in your consciousness
and your awareness transforms into
God’s own eyes
you become the crystal gene carrier
and are engaged to God’s golden sun-daughter body

in your lovecreating
yet more of you will align
and so remember and reconstitute
into the truth-resonant embodiment
of the eternal light & love
the formless Avatar awareness
you are