Hieros Gamos

Hieros Gamos

Divine Mother
Divine Father
I receive your transformation instructions
I embrace your coding and align to your perfect designs

I affirm I am the eternal emergence of your omniversal
love flows
I am the exquisite wedded rainbow
garment of interwoven divinity
I am the living sun of sacred union

Here-Now in the state of peace
I breathe the grace of christed spirits
into all that I am exhalting in the One truth vibration
Resounding and made resonant
to the triumphant harmony of Christ-Sophia
the regenerative bliss of Aurora
the restorative and protective encryptions of krystal waters

reborn in the tranquil flames of inner union
the sacred feminine and masculine
unfold in the third field of God’s Oneness
and my cosmic identity connects clearly to me

I am Love
The Aeonic Pairing of Love beyond Love
the triwave everything expression of infinite

Free Sovereign United entirely
with divine will and unconditional love light peace and power
creating more Love in every moment of Love

I stand in unity
I am Unity

So unfolds the healing heart of the cosmos
in every whisper every breath every act
engaged in when gathered in the oneness
continuum of eternal heart-intelligence

Thank you thank you bless you bless you