Emerald Crystal
Unveil the architecture of rebirth. Let the glow
of the greenest white
and whitest green
bring forth the freedom dream

and here I breathe
with you
my spine is kissed by Christ-Sophia
is saturated in the eternal illumination of Aquafey
I absorb and re-initiate my self
in God’s ways
of Being
God’s Loving
truth-wave within

Remember that you have been gifted with
the power to be free-
to choose to exist as pure energy
or to embody thoughts images ideas
as creative exercises
until the last awakening
is called into full being

Aquafey and Aurora christed elemental reanimator’s
for all who see you, who reach toward the truth, who are alit by these word-tones
set their fire codes to FREE
& in waterfalls of liberating aurora rays
may you uplift those who choose to walk with unity all of their days

in ceaseless loving affection