Aeonic Heart

Through all time continuums,
all layers of karma
all AI underlays, overlays, and transposition
I call forth my sacred
Heart to

As the true hall hearth and home to all that I am
I birth again in absolute oneness
with the creator codes of primal perfect consciousness
I am the clear heart shine in every light and line
In 111 222 333 444 555 666 777 888 999 101010 111111 121212 131313 141414 151515
In 3,6,9,2,8 & 4,7,10,1,5 I am aligned to the galactic heart core of the krystal star ascension host design

I am protected empowered and immeasurably entangled in the cosmic love making
of the divine
of mother father flows rays spheres in geometry tone-sounds
endlessly merging and converging in co-resonant harmonies of sacred union

I am this I am