Essences; core integrity

Practice First

My routine is to meditate daily, setting the day from a state of blissful mindful cohesion and then pursue insight and applications of “non-ordinary” states and experiences during the day and then return to meditative practice in midday or later in the day depending on schedule. I fill my day with medtative breathing and nondualistic zero point awareness at every point of possibility throughout.

The goal of ascension/enlightenment training is to be FULLY embodied thus balance and integration are the most essential qualities to establish.

Peaceful means

Sai Baba states: “Nothing real can be threatened and nothing unreal exists, therein lies the peace of god.”

In all ways abide in peace. This suggestion is a primary program for not slipping out of place. Negative tendencies and egoic states bring with them an alternate view of reality one that is phase-locked in some variation of cyclic suffering a never-ending delusion from which there is no waking. Peace is the avenue where you know you are the chooser and co-creator, the power that makes a personal dream universe. It is peace that allows you to perceive clearly and choose wisely and walk with affection and the ability to render blessings to those lost in collective or personal nightmares.

Ascension Always

A shift of states requires a movement of the total collection of awareness. We can only empower one dream at a time, therefore for those wishing to experience truth, unity, wisdom, love we must each begin to extract all elements of energy, attention away from those investments that serve to disengage the triumphant heroic probability timelines. This involves emotional and psychological development and a recreation of the core belief systems. It is our beliefs which are our keys to liberation since they are composed of pure creative power. We must become like hunters pursuing every last idea we have brought life to, especially those aspects we fear the most if we are to reinitiate ourselves in the highest expression of love freedom and the infinite awareness.

No Narrative

I’m a being who has and continues to travel the path with a heart back to source consciousness. I accept no title, no role, and find that composing a self-narrative is an act of storytelling which all to often creates and sustains various illusions of separation. This is the path of the silent avatar.

I am simply here to share a part of my experiences, knowledge, and wisdom in the aspiration that they serve to aid you and bring to you greater happiness, love, awareness and freedom.

My name is Sequoia. My name is Love.

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